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Chapter 9: Insurmountable

The two of them had been at odds since the beginning of their acquaintance.

No matter what Xing Luo did, Ye Li Xiao would always take a high and mighty stance and would sneer at her from the side while saying a sentence whenever they met.

As the King of the Hundred Beasts, Xing Luos character was naturally very hot-tempered, so how could she tolerate it

However, initially, although the relationship between them was very poor, it was limited only to a few taunting sentences every time they met each other, and both sides hated looking at the other.

Until… After that incident happened, their relationship completely deteriorated to an unmanageable degree.

Xing Luo has already forgotten how long ago that matter was.

At that time, she had already become the Demon King; and after she had settled a calamity, she was struck with a type of highly toxic poison and needed the Wan Kui grass to detoxify.

The withered grass was one type of herbal medicine that grows in the Forbidden Land.

The so-called Forbidden Land was precisely the region inhabited by some of the extremely dangerous ancient and vicious beasts.

In the Forbidden Land, the cultivation of ordinary people would be suppressed.

After going in, if they encounter strange beasts, even in her previous life, Xing Luo wasnt sure she could escape unscathed.

Xing Luos trusted aide, Jin Xi, entered the Forbidden Land alone to find medicine for her.

Luckily, he didnt encounter any demonic beasts and found the Wan Ku grass with no problems.

But when he was about to pick it, Ye Li Xiao snatched the grass, and Ye Li Xiaos palm also sent Jin Xi flying, which hurt him badly.

Ye Li Xiao snatched the Wan Ku grass that was to be used to save Xing Luos life, but he probably didnt know what they planned on using the grass for.

After Ye Li Xiao left, Jin Xi found another small plant and brought it back to save Xing Luos life.

Naturally, it was used to detoxify the poison to save Xing Luos life.

But Ye Li Xiao had snatched it away.

If he didnt want her to die, what else could it possibly mean

It was only then that Xing Luo understood that Ye Li Xiao had, surprisingly, hated her so much.

Obviously, in the beginning, he was the one who provoked her first…

Although Xing Luo had also teased him in retaliation, was it so grave that it would cost her life

Really, what a narrow-minded man.

Naturally, their relationship later became increasingly worse.

Before that incident had occurred, Xing Luo hadnt truly regarded Ye Li Xiao as an enemy.

She only thought that they were somewhat at odds with each other and didnt really want to deal with him.

But after this incident had occurred, it was truly a tearing of the face1.

From then on, every time they met, Xing Luos attitude towards Ye Li Xiao was very bad, and also didnt stop trying to cause trouble for him.

For those people who wanted her life, it was impossible for Xing Luo to welcome them with a smile, and even more impossible to ignore it.

All these years, Xing Luo and Ye Li Xiao have been fighting openly and secretly until she died.

Now that she was reborn, Ye Li Xiao doesnt know her anymore, so he wouldnt target her again, right

But she still hates this man…

In addition, this man really hates her too.

When Xing Luo exploits him and raises her cultivation to a degree that she can protect herself, she will immediately leave his side.

Yuan Xiu: “Miss Luoer, you must remember that everything related to the previous Demon King is taboo, if you want to live, dont mention her.”

“I got it.” Xing Luo nodded with some displeasure.

Sooner or later, there would be a day when she would press and rub Ye Li Xiao into the ground and properly settle the score with him!

“Miss Luoer, in the Supreme Lords palace, there are no women.

Although the Supreme Lord asked me to teach you the rules, focus on the same two points I told you.

In the eyes of outsiders, the Supreme Lord is very terrible, but he is actually very lenient with his people.

However, you should also pay attention to the appropriate behavior, try not to overstep and offend the dignity of the Supreme Lord.” Yuan Xiu said.

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FootnotesIt means to completely disregard the other person, and putting aside any consideration they might have had initially.