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Ye Li Xiao really detests having physical contact with others and hates it when other people approach him.

As a Demon Lord, naturally, he has many women in his harem, but he has never set foot in the harem.

He only wanted to touch one woman, but that person was already dead.

Xing Luo blinked her enormous eyes.

No touching

She looked down at her figure, which was obviously very seductive, and Ye Li Xiao unexpectedly wasnt in the mood at all.

Even in her previous life, Xing Luo had seen no women by his side.

Could it be… he couldnt

Or… does he like men

A hint of deviousness flashed through Xing Luos eyes.

It seems like she had discovered something interesting.

“Okay, okay, okay, I wont touch you, so can I not go to school” Xing Luo asked cautiously.

“No, you have to go.”

After saying that, without waiting for Xing Luo to respond, Ye Li Xiao had already taken large strides to the door and pushed it open.

“Supreme Lord!” He Chen and Yuan Xiu were both on standby at the entrance of the door.

As they simultaneously opened and looked through the door, the two of them raised their eyes and saw Xing Luo in the palace hall…

The two stared blankly in unison.

A woman

How could there be a woman in the Supreme Lords palace

 Their Supreme Lord was never near women!

Except for that person… currently, the woman in the palace was unexpectedly seven points similar in appearance to that persons looks.

Could it be that… she was a substitute that the Supreme Lord had found

“Supreme Lord… she…” He Chen wanted to say something but hesitated.

Ye Li Xiao said in an icy voice: “From now on, she is my attendant.

Go and buy some womens clothing and supplies.”

“Yes!” He Chen obeyed the order and retreated.

Ye Li Xiao looked at Yuan Xiu and ordered, “Teach her the rules here.”

Yuan Xiu: “Yes!”

Soon after, Ye Li Xiao left the palace.

As soon as he left, Xing Luo finally walked to the door.

She looked at the somewhat coarse and wild-looking Yuan Xiu with a smile that was not a smile, “Supreme Lord named me Luoer, whats your name”

The right-hand man of Ye Li Xiao, Xing Luo naturally knows him, but she must pretend that she doesnt.

“Yuan Xiu.”

Xing Luo: “Supreme Lord said just now that he asked you to teach me the rules, what rules Explain.”

Hearing what she said, Yuan Xius facial expression was grave.

He said: “In our Demons Palace, in fact, there arent too many rules.

There are only two points you should remember: 1, our Supreme Lord hates when people get close to him, so you should not approach him casually; 2…There is one person who must not be mentioned in the presence of the Supreme Lord by all means.”

“Who” Xing Luo was somewhat curious and wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

What kind of person were they that they could become a taboo that could not be mentioned

Yuan Xiu: “The former demon king, Xing Luo; this name is a taboo of the demon palace and absolutely must never be mentioned in front of the Supreme Lord.”

After Xing Luos death, her brother Xing Liu Che sat on the Demon Kings throne and she had already become history.

“… Demon King Xing Luo” She froze, the taboo in the demon palace, unexpectedly it was her

Xing Luo: “Why cant I mention her”

“…Dont ask so many questions, as long as you know, its taboo its enough.” Yuan Xiu said with a solemn face.

“Then… what if I mention it” Xing Luo raised her eyebrows, “What would be the consequences”

Yuan Xiu furrowed his brows, “If you want to die, you can try.”

“Then its better to let it be!” Xing Luos eyes became somewhat serene and hidden in depth.

She really didnt expect that it was so out of the question that she couldnt even be mentioned in Ye Li Xiaos royal palace.

Did he hate her that much So much so that anyone who dared to mention her in front of him would lose their life

Xing Luo doesnt know where exactly she has provoked Ye Li Xiao, to make him hate her so much, so much so that he wanted her life…