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Xing Luo sat completely naked in the bath, her long ink black hair draped over her body and covering it, while not letting Ye Li Xiao see anything he shouldnt see.

Xing Luos body was very seductive, and the skin that was exposed was pure white and exquisite.

If it were any other man, they would stare at her body, but Ye Li Xiaos gaze was aimed straight at her face…

Without waiting for Xing Luo to do anything, a strong and familiar demonic qi enveloped her body, and then her body flew out of the bath and collided directly into Ye Li Xiaos chest.

The mans large hands gripped Xing Luos shoulders, his eyes tightly fixed on her small face.

“Supreme Lord” Xing Luo displayed a puzzled look.

“…” Ye Li Xiaos eyes showed a painful look and longing, as well as a disappointed look.

The woman before him, her figure or her voice, resembled that person too much.

But, there was only a resemblance.

Ye Li Xiao was very clear, that person was dead.

The woman in front of him was just a kitten that had barely transformed, and not the person in his heart.

If it really was that person, the moment she saw him, she would have started sneering1 at him, after all, she hated him a lot.

Was it because he missed her so much that it resulted in the kitten taking on a form so similar to hers

Fine, they are indeed very similar, looking at the person before him, just think of this individual as a replacement…

Ye Li Xiao concealed the emotions in his eyes.

He took a clean outer shirt from the shelf and covered Xing Luos body, wrapping her body up tightly.

There were no female clothes in his palace so he could only let Xing Luo wear his clothes first.

The mans spacious clothes, worn loosely on Xing Luos body made her look like a child stealing adult clothes, but it was also extraordinarily attractive and endearing.

After she was properly dressed in her clothes, Ye Li Xiao softly asked, “You are Luo Er, right”

He sensed in Xing Luos body the breath that belonged to that cat.

It should be that the spring waters effect has allowed her to reach the cultivation level of transformation so that she could suddenly transform into a woman.

Xing Luo nodded cutely.

Although she was now in human form, Ye Li Xiao was also her golden master2 for her food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

Before her cultivation reached a level where she could protect herself, she could only rely on Ye Li Xiao.

“…” Ye Li Xiao did not have any reaction.

He lifted his hand and touched Xing Luos head, “In the future, you will stay by my side and be my attendant.”

As an attendant; that meant that wherever Ye Li Xiao went, she had to follow him to serve him.

“Good~” Xing Luo rubbed against the mans palm, being very well-behaved.

Ye Li Xiao withdrew his hand.

Sure enough, no matter how similar she is, she cant be her.

How could she be so well-behaved in front of him

Ye Li Xiao turned around and left the side chamber, and Xing Luo followed obediently.

“You have just recently transformed, and you do not understand anything.

Tomorrow I will arrange for you to go to school.” Ye Li Xiao said in an icy voice.

 Although Xing Luo was a cat she was very spiritual and understood human language when she was still an animal.

In the end, she was still a little demon who didnt know anything and should go to school to understand the way of cultivation3.

“Can I not go” That knowledge, Xing Luo could even recite it in reverse.

Making her go to school was truly meaningless4.

Xing Luo moved close to Ye Li Xiaos side and reached out her arms to embrace him, “I want to stay by your side~”

“… ” Ye Li Xiao knitted his brows, and he pulled his hand out, “Do not touch this Honored One as casually as you wish; I will pardon you just this once.”

FootnotesIdiom: frigid irony and scorching satire, or to mock and ridiculeTLN: financial backerTLN: Could be practicing asceticismTLN: This could also mean boring