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Ye Li Xiao lowered his hand, and he seemed to be asking himself, “You dont want me to touch her” His voice, low and magnetic, was very pleasant to hear.

“Meow!” Of course, Xing Luo didnt want him to touch her!

“Is that so…” Ye Li Xiao expressionlessly looked at Xing Luo, but she couldnt penetrate the sentiment in his eyes1.

Before Xing Luo could ponder more, Ye Li Xiao suddenly waved his large hand and cast out his demonic qi, directly grasping Xing Luo.

Her current body should only be in the form of a two or three-month-old kitten, and Ye Li Xiaos hand can completely wrap around her.

“Mew, mew!!!” Xing Luo struggled discontentedly in protest.

What was this bastard up to Dont tell me that he wants to choke me to death

“Be good, I wont move her, and I also wont move you.” Ye Li Xiao said coldly.

“… Mew, mew” Really

Xing Luo immediately became well-behaved.

Ye Li Xiao used his thumb to stroke her little head.

This little thing… is very clever.

It obviously doesnt have much cultivation, but it understood peoples words.

Moreover, very protective of her…

It reminded him of the way she looked when she was alive, she hated him and every time she saw him, she also had the appearance of baring her fangs and brandishing her claws2.

That is why Ye Li Xiao changed his mind, and he decided to take the cat back…

The mans gaze, once again, moved towards the ice coffin…

“Call people to come over here quickly! I just heard that there is some movement at the Kings place!” At this moment, the sound of chatter and urgent footsteps came from a short distance away.

The crease between the eyebrows of Ye Li Xiao deepened a bit, and he concealed his reluctance by lowering his eyes.

With a wave of his long sleeves, there was a teleportation talisman between his fingers, and then a wisp of demonic blue flame emerged from his fingertips.

The moment the teleportation talisman was ignited, Ye Li Xiao instantly disappeared from the spot.

By the time the other people arrived, nobody was there…

Ye Li Xiao once again reappeared and had already returned to the Demon Kings Palace.

He dismissed all his men and returned to his palace without delay.

The moment he closed the palace door, he seemed to lose all his strength.

He leaned his back against the door and slowly slid down, directly sitting on the ground in a depressed state.

“Meow” Xing Luo, who had always stayed obediently in the mans hand, made a faint movement.

What did Ye Li Xiao want to do by bringing her back to the Demon Realm

“…” Ye Li Xiao looked at the cat in his hand, “Little thing, from now on, you are my spirit pet.

Your name… will be called Luoer.”

After saying that, Ye Li Xiao put Xing Luo on the ground.

After putting her down, Ye Li Xiao no longer paid any attention to her.

Xing Luo had always hated him and naturally did not want to stay by his side.

She freely wandered around the large palace and after finding a place to lie down, she began to quietly revolve the pitiful amount of demonic qi in her body and began to cultivate.

As Ye Li Xiao is a Demon King, naturally his palaces location is the place where there is the densest qi of all living things which is also the most suitable for cultivation.

The lower the cultivation level, the more benefits you can receive here, which is suitable for the present Xing Luo.

She was lying down, but unconsciously three days and nights had passed.

With the previous lifes experience, Xing Luos cultivation in this life was half the effort for twice the results and very smooth.

Plus, this place is suitable for cultivation, and in a mere three days, she reached the brink of transformation.

She probably could transform into a human form at any time now.

“Grumble ……” At this time, Xing Luos small belly made a protesting sound.

She had been starving for the past three days as she had only focused on cultivation and had not eaten anything.

Xing Luo promptly ran out to find some food, but when she ran to the door, she was stopped…

Footnotesmeaning he didnt see her even though she was in front of himIdiom: to make threatening gestures