Chapter 24: You Should Be Responsible

Ye Li Xiao lowered his eyes to look at his wound.

The injury was so serious, but he didn’t seem to feel any pain.  Even if it had really hurt originally, when Xing Luo showed care for him, all his pain disappeared.

Ye Li Xiao opened his thin lips slightly and said, “This Honorable One’s injury was suffered for you, so you should be responsible.”

“…Responsible Responsible for what” Xing Luo looked dumbfounded.

Ye Li Xiao: “Responsible for taking care of this Honorable One.”

“…Of course there is no problem!” Xing Luo nodded.

Ye Li Xiao’s injured hand could not be moved haphazardly, so he would naturally have difficulty moving.

It was Xing Luo’s fault, so, naturally, she should be responsible for it.

Ye Li Xiao: “This Honorable One wants to bathe now.”

“…Ah” Xing Luo blinked her big eyes, “Supreme Lord since you are injured, do you still need to bathe What’s to be done if the wound gets wet”

As soon as the words fell, Ye Li Xiao lifted his uninjured hand and stroked over the top of the wound; a translucent Qi shield appeared around the wound.

It was a water shield.

With this shield in place, secured around the wound, it was waterproof, so bathing was possible.

Ye Li Xiao: “Any more questions”

“No…” Xing Luo had nothing to say.

It seemed Ye Li Xiao really loved being clean, and he insisted on taking a bath even though he was injured.

It was nothing to help him undress.

Anyway, it was not Xing Luo who would be seen naked, and she would not be the one to suffer a loss.

If you don’t, the opportunity will be wasted in vain…

Ye Li Xiao did not say more, but only quietly looked at Xing Luo, waiting for her to proceed.

She was not embarrassed, and directly reached out to untie Ye Li Xiao’s belt, took off his outer shirt, and then the inner clothes…

When the inner shirt slid off Ye Li Xiao’s shoulders by Xing Luo, the man’s fair skin was exposed to her sight.

Why did Xing Luo have the illusion that she was playing with a hooligan

Ye Li Xiao’s skin was pale, and his uncovered body had broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

The muscles were just right, very strong and sturdy, but not overly prominent so that people have the urge to obtain…

For the sake of her own little life, Xing Luo still controlled her cat1 paws.

Ye Li Xiao’s clothes were taken off very soon, except for his pants…

This time Xing Luo was a little shy.

She had never taken off a man’s pants ah, nor had she taken off the pants of the arch-enemy either.

Xing Luo had handled the enemy in strange and numerous ways, but the only one she had never done was taking off people’s pants, making her feel odd…

But still, she braced herself to do it.

Xing Luo settled the clothing problem as quickly as possible.

But at the same time, her ears couldn’t help but redden, and she hurriedly withdrew her hand, shifted her gaze, and said with some stuttering, “Okay, okay, Supreme Lord, you can get into the water now…”

Xing Luo was shy, and Ye Li Xiao was actually equally shy.

He didn’t make things difficult for Xing Luo and stepped into the water.

Hearing the sound of him entering the water, only then did Xing Luo dare to look over.

Ye Li Xiao also happened to be looking at her, and as their eyes aligned, the man ordered, “Come here.”

Xing Luo walked over to the bath, “Supreme Lord, what’s wrong”

Ye Li Xiao: “Come into the water.”

“…” Xing Luo faintly froze, this meant she should wash with him

Ye Li Xiao should want her to transform into her original form, right

With a “bang”, Xing Luo changed into a cat and jumped into the water swimming in front of Ye Li Xiao.

The man took her into his arms and gently stroked her little cat head and the fur on her body.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Ye Li Xiao held Xing Luo and left the bath…



FootnotesTLN: The raws actually say wolf, because she was about to *cough* jump him *cough*.

But I changed it to cat since she is a cat demon.