Chapter 21 I’m Not Ready


Ye Li Xiao squeezed Xing Luo’s waist with a force neither heavy nor light, his tone was still cold, but the words he said had a deeper meaning, “You are not young.”


Although Xing Luo’s original form was a small kitten, her appearance after her transformation was that of an adult woman and was very similar to her appearance in her previous life, not to mention, that her soul was of an unknown age.


Ye Li Xiao noticed and didn’t say anything.


“Supreme Lord, do you really want me to serve in bed But I’m not ready…” Xing Luo was a little anxious inside.

If Ye Li Xiao insisted on her serving him, she wouldn’t be able to resist.


Ye Li Xiao: “I can wait until the day you are ready.” It was because he liked her that he wouldn’t force her.


“…” Xing Luo eyed the man weirdly.

Something wasn’t right… she looks so much like she did in her previous life.

There’s no reason why Ye Li Xiao wouldn’t hate her.  He even wanted to sleep with her!


Xing Luo really couldn’t make sense of what Ye Li Xiao was thinking, but the good thing was that he was willing to give her time.

As long as she accelerated her training, there should be no problem escaping here…


Thinking like this, Xing Luo nodded, smiled like a flower while she was interally having a nightmare, and said, “Good~ I won’t keep Supreme Lord waiting~”


Although Ye Li Xiao said that, he patted his thigh for Xing Luo to come up in her true form, but what he didn’t actually expect was for Xing Luo to directly sit on him.


Now she still maintained a human form, but Ye Li Xiao did not say anything, which was considered a silent acceptance of the current situation, allowing her to sit directly on his lap as such…


Ye Li Xiao had a cold and composed look.  Maintaining this position, he continued to read the official documents.

But only he knew that he had not read much of the document’s contents.


After an unknown amount of time had passed, Ye Li Xiao spoke, ” What have you learned today, do you still remember”


“…Remembered!” Xing Luo was lying through her teeth.

She did not listen in class at all, even when the teacher was busy lecturing.

But regarding the knowledge of cultivation, even if she does not listen, she was not afraid that Ye Li Xiao would test her.


The man also did not expose her, “Tomorrow there will be a short test, do not let this Honorable One down.”


Xingluo nodded obediently.

She had also heard that every day before class, she would be tested on what she had learned in the prior days, but this kind of small test was just a trivial matter to her.


Soon after this reminder, Ye Li Xiao continued to read the memorials.


Xing Luo sat silently in his arms, absorbing the abundant spiritual Qi around his body.


Sitting in the arms of an old foe like this, still made Xing Luo somewhat uncomfortable…


At such close proximity, she was completely surrounded by Ye Li Xiao’s smell, she was able to clearly feel the temperature of the man’s body and breathe in the faint scent that was unique to him alone…


She had to admit that her enemy was very charming, temperamental, and so unpredictable that other people couldn’t figure him out, it was really annoying…


Unknowingly, a wave of sleepiness swept over her, and Xing Luo leaned into Ye Li Xiao’s embrace and fell asleep.


Before going to sleep, she only heard his heartbeat, which seemed to be very fast…


Ye Li Xiao lowered his eyes to look at the person in his arms, put down the memorials, and gently embraced her.


Meanwhile, at the Tanhua Palace.


The woman who tried to give a massage to Ye Li Xiao before, but didn’t get any response was now sitting in the Tanhua Palace, drinking tea and chatting with Cheng Xin Yan.


“I didn’t expect younger sister Xuan’er to reach out to me, is there something going on We might as well get right to the point.” Cheng Xin Yan smiled cordially and said.


She always sent people to pay attention to Ye Li Xiao’s movement, now that Qi Xuan’er came this time, it should be because of Xing Luo…