Chapter 20: Let Me Serve You in Bed Now


Seeing Ye Li Xiao’s movements, the woman’s expression on the side immediately looked somewhat ugly again.

Ye Li Xiao actually completely ignored her and wanted to be intimate with Xing Luo…


“Supreme Lord, I would like to be excused…” The woman left consciously, but she was very upset within her heart.

Which part of her was worse than Xing Luo


This small demon must not stay.


Perhaps, she could look for Cheng Xinyan to discuss…


Once she had left, the study was instantly quiet.


Xing Luo stood behind Ye Li Xiao, not quite understanding the man’s meaning.

Was he asking her to sit on his lap


Ye Li Xiao suddenly wants to get closer to women


Xing Luo’s mind produced a few thoughts of wanting to molest and tease him…


She walked over to Ye Li Xiao’s side, sat directly into his arms, wrapped her arms around his neck, and looked at him with a bright smile.


“…” Ye Li Xiao’s body stiffened, and he slightly opened his thin lips and said, “I mean, let you transform into your original form.”


He was asking her to change into her cat form and come up into his lap.


Although Ye Li Xiao would prefer Xing Luo as she was now, directly sitting on top of him, it wasn’t in line with his personality, and he didn’t want to make Xing Luo suspicious.


Hearing these words, Xing Luo was embarrassed.

It turned out that this was what he meant…


But now that she’s sitting up, it would be better to take the advantage of this chance to do something bad.


Xing Luo eyes seductively looked straight at Ye Li Xiao, before she smiled lightly and said: “Supreme Lord~ I think, keeping my human form to sit on you is not bad~ You obviously do not allow others to get close, but I can~ This shows that you can accept me.

Do you really not want to get close to women at all”


Ye Li Xiao’s eyes became a little darker, Xing Luo was playing with fire…


He doesn’t allow others to get close to him, but she is different.


Other women’s seduction would only make Ye Li Xiao feel disgusted, but she was so…




The man raised his eyes to look at Xing Luo, reached out and embraced her waist, and said in a cold voice: “Could it be that you like this Honorable One”


Of course, Ye Li Xiao was clear that Xing Luo had seduced him this much, probably because she wanted to tease him.


But he still wanted to hear a different answer.


“…” Xing Luo was slightly flabbergasted.


She liked Ye Li Xiao How was that possible…


However, Xing Luo suddenly discovered that she had no way to deny that answer in that instant.


After a moment, Xing Luo spoke again, “Like~ Of course people like Supreme Lord~ Supreme Lord is the most attractive man I’ve ever seen~”


“Is that so…,” said Ye Li Xiao, narrowing his eyes dangerously, “Then if this Honorable One lets you serve in bed right now, would you be willing”


“…” Xing Luo was stunned again.


Serving in bed She had never thought of that at all!


She stayed by the side of the Ye Li Xiao, and surprisingly there was still the risk of serving in bed!


Should Xing Luo reject or accept


She just said she liked him…


But if you agree, you have to do that with him…


Xing Luo never wanted to be with Ye Li Xiao like that!!


Want to agree


She doesn’t know what came to mind, but Xing Luo’s little face couldn’t help but turn a little red.


If she really had something going on with Ye Li Xiao, then how could they continue to be arch enemies What kind of arch-enemies would roll in bed with each other


After thinking about it, Xing Luo replied, “Supreme Lord, I am still young~”


After all, she was only 2 or 3 months old in this kitten body.




But she still did refuse.


When she said she liked him, she was only deliberately flattering, but not sincere.


Even though he knew that this would be the case, Ye Li Xiao’s heart still felt a sense of loss.