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Chapter 15: I am The Woman Who Loves You the Most

Ye Li Xiao looked sideways at Xing Luo.1

At this moment, she was still hugging the mans arm and was looking at Ye Li Xiao with a cute and innocent expression.

The man narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Even if she pretended to be well-behaved now, it was too late.

Ye Li Xiao  opened his thin lips slightly and said, “You are the woman I love the most”

“…” Xing Luo swallowed her saliva and released Ye Li Xiao while slyly arguing, “Supreme Lord, it was her who misheard.

In fact, what I said was, I am the woman who loves you the most!”

This would turn it around to mean that it was her unilateral love for Ye Li Xiao!

“Is that so” He lowered his eyes and stared at Xing Luo.

He knew that Cheng Xin Yan absolutely wouldnt dare to lie to him.

He should say that no one would dare to lie in front of the Demon Lord, except for that person.

It was also very unlikely that Cheng Xin Yan misheard.

The one he loved the most, and the one who loved him the most2, and although the words are the same, the meaning was like the difference between heaven and earth.

How could he have misheard it

\" \"

So that was Xing Luo quibbling

If other people dared to lie to him so brazenly like this, he would probably take their lives on the spot.

But this cat…

Why was it that even the manner of her quibbling was so similar to that person

“Supreme Lord~ of course, what I said is true~ You are so handsome and dashing.

Where will there be women who dont like you na3~” Xing Luo said with a flattering face.

Her current cultivation level was too low, and any insignificant person could casually pinch her to death.

She certainly couldnt make Ye Li Xiao angry, as he was now her golden master4!

Ye Li Xiao stared at Xing Luo for a long time, but also couldnt tell if her words were false.

He had discovered a long time ago, this little thing didnt resemble a newborn kitten at all as she was too smooth and evasive…

A small kitten that just transformed, should be very pure.

How could it be like Xing Luo who was just as cunning…

Moreover, she wasnt afraid of him.

There are really too many suspicious points about her.

Ye Li Xiao restrained the emotions in his eyes, “I keep you by my side and particularly indulge you, for my own reasons.

But you should know one thing, I am really not a good-tempered master.”

The unspoken implication was that Xing Luo should pay attention to appropriate behavior and that while he wouldnt mind for this first time, this wasnt going to happen again.

Xing Luo: “Supreme Lord~ I got it~ I will be good~”

“Go back.” Ye Li Xiao said in a cold voice, and after he finished speaking, he turned around and went back to his study.

Soon afterward, Xing Luo also went back to her residence, which was a bedchamber in Ye Li Xiaos palace.

After she returned, Xing Luo found that there were many more womens clothes and products on the table, which should all be provided and prepared for her.

After Xing Luo changed into the womens clothing, she opened the white porcelain bottle given to her by Ye Li Xiao, which contained elixirs to rapidly and permanently promote her cultivation.

Below level 20, if you consume one, you could rise one level.

In her previous life, Xing Luos cultivation level had already broken through the 99th level, and if she hit the 100th level, she could get eternal life, but she had failed.

Ye Li Xiaos current cultivation was at the 99th level which was already the most supreme existence in the world.

Xing Luo had just been reborn now and was at the lowest level of zero!

I dont know how long it will take to recover my previous lifes cultivation!

Xing Luo counted the elixirs in the bottle.

There were exactly 20 of them, which could raise her to level 20, so Xing Luo ate them all in one breath.

Then, she meditated on the ground and began to wait for the elixir to work…

Xing Luo didnt know how long had passed when her cultivation level had successfully risen to level 20.

She just felt her body was full of power all over and she was in a hurry to fully display her skills…

Xing Luo concentrated qi in her fingertips, drew a character in the air, and then she struck it out.

“Boom!” The table in front of her was instantly crushed.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the bedchamber.

Xing Luo was so focused on cultivating that she didnt even notice that Ye Li Xiao was already standing at the door.

The look on his face was dark and unpredictable.

Just now, she made a talisman… that only that talented person could use.

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