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Chapter 11: Youre Not Losing Anything by Looking

“You can go to the Supreme Lords study, but remember to behave a little and dont cause any trouble.” Yuan Xiu reminded her.

“Mew, mew~” Xing Luo nodded her little head.

Soon after, Yuan Xiu walked ahead to lead the way and brought Xing Luo towards the studys door where Ye Li Xiao was located.

The studys door was not tightly closed, and there was a small gap.

Yuan Xiu just wanted to knock on the door, but Xing Luo had already drilled in through the gap.

As her body was small, it took very little effort for her to get in, and it was already too late for Yuan Xiu to stop her…

What ought to be warned, he has already warned her.

Whether Xing Luo can always stay by the Supreme Lords side or not depends on her good luck…

After entering, Xing Luo discovered that there was not only Ye Li Xiao in the study, but there was also another woman who was luxuriously dressed and had a gorgeous appearance.

This woman was standing upright in front of the table, and apparently wanted to get closer to Ye Li Xiao, but all along, he was looking at the memorial in his hand and he didnt even spare this woman a single glance.

After he finished reading the memorial, Ye Li Xiao lifted his brush and wrote a few strokes on it.

The beautiful woman saw that it was at the perfect timing and said in a soft and lovable voice: “Supreme Lord, Yaner will help you grind the ink~”

Cheng Xinyan had eyes full of expectation looking at Ye Li Xiao, and to her surprise, he had unexpectedly stopped the movements of his hands and lifted his head.

Cheng Xinyan also thought he was finally going to pay attention to her.

Who would have thought that…

Ye Li Xiao still did not look at her, but rather looked towards the crack in the door, and coming this way was the small kitten, Xing Luo.

“Meow~” Running towards the side of Ye Li Xiaos feet, Xing Luo used her hind legs to stand up and her front paws pulled at the mans clothes while moving back and forth from underneath.

Her two big and limpid eyes were looking at him unblinkingly, as if she was silently requesting a hug.

Ye Li Xiao waved his large hand, his demonic breath surged, and in the next instant, Xing Luo had finally moved to the palm of his hand.

After her transformation, Ye Li Xiao will not touch her.

But now that she was in a kitten state, Ye Li Xiao would hug her now.

He placed Xing Luo on top of his lap and continued to work on the memorial.

Cheng Xinyan, who was still standing in the original spot, saw this scene and was already somewhat stunned.

Was the Supreme Lord such a tender person He even raised a pet

So, it seems that Ye Li Xiao didnt seem as rough and difficult as imagined to attack…

As long as she was patient enough! There cant be any rush.

Cheng Xinyans eyes rolled and she spoke, “Since the Supreme Lord still has important business to hurry and attend to, Yaner will take her leave first and come to see the Supreme Lord at another time.”

After she finished speaking, Cheng Xinyan wanted to turn around to leave.

“Peng!” A loud sound suddenly rang out from Ye Li Xiaos arms.

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Cheng Xinyan subconsciously looked but then froze in place…

Only to see a remarkably stunning beauty without an inch of hair1 sitting in Ye Li Xiaos arms…

This beauty was precisely Xing Luo.

A moment ago, she had suddenly felt hot all over her body and there was no time to react before she had transformed again.

“…” Ye Li Xiaos body also seems to be somewhat stiff, and there is no movement for a while.

“Aha… sorry.

Im currently still unstable in my transformation… Anyway, youre not losing anything by looking~” Xing Luo smiled awkwardly.

She couldnt withdraw or go down.

She simply sat still. 

“Supreme, Supreme Lord……” Only at this moment did Cheng Xinyan recover her voice.

Ye Li Xiao actually allowed a woman to sit on his lap He clearly allows no woman near his body.

Even if there is a woman who isnt scared of death and dares to approach, there is no chance to touch Ye Li Xiao as he would have flicked his sleeve and she would have been sent flying several hundred meters or more away.

“Get out.” Ye Li Xiaos voice was terrifying and bone-chilling, not to be opposed.

Feeling the mans strong and powerful pressure, Cheng Xinyan instantly paled, “Yes!”

Although she was curious to know who Xing Luo really was, she didnt have the guts to continue to stay here…

She could only think of something later.


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