The eyes of the leaders of the guards were cold. They had been lying in ambush for a long time. When Qin Chen killed dozens of their subordinates before, they had already left other battles and focused entirely on Qin Chen's actions. body


However, they didn't make a rash move, but hid in the dark. Only now did they make a sudden move, at the most critical moment when Qin Chen tried to break through the real world.


In an instant, Qin Chen was shrouded in countless death sickles, and the surrounding void was torn out of countless space cracks, forming a terrifying storm of death.

Under the eyes of the public, the endless space cracks swallowed Qin Chen instantly, forming a terrifying dark vortex between the heaven and the earth, swallowing all tangible and intangible substances.

"I don't know whether to live or die. It's just an ant, trying to go against the sky."

The eyes of these detached leaders were cold, and they said indifferently, they stood up in the sky, and their bodies exuded a cold light, like Shura who came out of the Nine Serenity Yellow Springs, and held the authority of death. I have to say that they have such confidence and confidence. The Tuoba family has been in the Southern Thirteen Star Region for so many years, and they have conquered countless worlds and worlds. As the king of the assassination world, the powerhouses who died in the hands of their guards did not count. That


Why would you put Qin Chen, a young man who just broke through detachment, in his eyes

"This kid should be dead, right The assassination blow I'm waiting for contains the supreme method of space, which can cut everything in the starry sky, not to mention how many people I'm waiting for to join forces to kill such a kid, it's not a problem at all. ."

Several figures were projected in the endless void, staring at the vortex below, full of confidence.

It should be noted that with the scythe in their hands, even the sun and the moon can be cut off, let alone a flesh and blood body

As their voices fell, the death vortex in front of them exploded in an instant. There, there was nothing left, and all the matter had been annihilated and disappeared.

"That boy, only ashes should have died."

Some of them laughed.

Just as he finished speaking, suddenly—


A sword light suddenly flashed in the void, as fast as lightning, making it too late to react, and swept across the person's neck in an instant.

The next moment, Boom, this person's head rose into the sky, blood splattered thousands of feet high, his eyes were round, and he couldn't rest his eyes.

Qin Chen's figure slowly emerged behind him, holding a sharp blade, like a god.

"The clumsy space method, and I don't know where the confidence comes from."

Qin Chen said indifferently.


Everyone else looked over in horror, their pupils shrank suddenly, when did Qin Chen get behind them, and why did they feel nothing at all

"A group of scum who can only hide in the dark, are they also worthy of calling themselves the kings of the night"

Qin Chen's tone was disdainful, and when the words fell, he stomped the void with his right foot.

"Escape!" The detachment of several other guards was full of horror at the moment, and endless fear emerged in their hearts, and they didn't care to react at all. When they turned around, they fled into the void, like a shadow merging into the night. , disappears instantly

not see.

The art of space concealment.

This is the most powerful means of the guardian of the gods, and it can escape into the void without being perceived.

"Hmph, want to run" Qin Chen's mouth outlined a cold smile. He raised the mysterious rust sword in both hands, and the infinite power instantly gathered into the rust sword in his hand. The void suddenly fell



boom! The void in front was instantly torn apart by a ravine that was hundreds of millions of feet long. The edge of the gully rippled with the power of space, and with a bang, in the horrified eyes of everyone, the thousands of miles of void in front of Qin Chen's eyes turned out to be like a mirror.

broken apart.

The void is like a mirror, shattering directly.

From the broken mirror, several embarrassed figures fell out, all covered in blood, they were the leaders of the guards.

"Impossible, what means is this"

"The space concealment technique I'm waiting for can be integrated into the void. Why can this kid directly shatter the void"

"This is the void of the universe sea."

Several people screamed in horror, looking awkward, and their bodies retreated in an instant.

With a single sword, the endless void in front of them was torn apart directly, shattering like a mirror. Such a method was far beyond their imagination.

An inexplicable fear enveloped their bodies.

However, as soon as they retreated, a figure suddenly appeared behind them, Qin Chen's eyes flashed a ferocious look, and the mysterious rusty sword in his hand slashed out thousands of swords in an instant.

"Space Sword Art!"

Chi Chi Chi... Countless sword shadows swept out into the sky, instantly covering the few people in front of them, and then under the terrified eyes of everyone, the bodies of several guard leaders froze in the void, and then shattered and disintegrated little by little. , turned into countless blood clots

Fall into the void.


Several detached powerhouses fell, and the terrifying detachment source breath exploded instantly, forming a terrifying storm.


At this moment, there was a dead silence on the field, and everyone stared blankly at the scene, almost unable to believe their own eyes. Several leaders of the guards of the gods are detached, and any one of them is enough to cause a sensation in the Southern Thirteen Star Territory, but now, they were killed instantly by Qin Chen's sword. Such a strong gap makes everyone feel like a scroll. startled

Stormy waves.

Can't believe what happened.

In the crowd, only Dangmo Shenzun looked excited.

"Young Master Chen is more than a star and a half stronger than when he was in the Secret Realm of Returning Ruins" He was someone who had seen Qin Chen's strength in the Secret Realm of Returning Ruins. Back then, when Qin Chen was only half-step detached, he was able to kill close to the peak of the first-level detachment. The Heiyu Ancestor Emperor and the Ancient Dao God Venerable, who have now entered the realm of detachment, are afraid that their strength has reached

It had reached a point where he couldn't even fathom it.

"As expected of the person who got the inheritance of the Secret Realm of Returning Ruins, according to the rumors, the big guy who fell into the Secret Realm of Returning Ruins is the real master of space in this universe, and the group of guards is simply playing an axe in the class door. "

Dangmo Shenzun was filled with endless excitement.

In the sky above the dark forbidden area, Qin Chen's eyes were indifferent, and he who killed several leaders of the guards, his expression was extremely indifferent, he turned and looked at the four gods: "Okay, we solved a few guys who got in the way, now it's your turn. is you."


Qin Chen's voice just fell, and his figure suddenly blurred and disappeared in the void.

"not good."

Sifang God Venerable's pupils shrank, and in an instant, he felt a strong crisis, and his figure suddenly retreated at the critical moment.


At the moment when he retreated, a terrifying sword light suddenly appeared in front of him, tearing apart the void, leaving a sword mark several feet long on his chest. There is blood flying in the void.

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